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Our Preschool Curriculum is structured to facilitate cognitive development and literacy instruction taught through teacher guided sing-along techniques and cooperative learning activities.

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Dezaray Best

We have absolutely loved having our girls in ADA, the dance classes are awesome, and the instructors are seriously amazing. I’m also incredibly impressed by the caliber of dancers on their teams. It’s obvious that the instructors are excellent at motivating and encouraging the dancers to put in the work and truly excel. It’s breathtaking to see what these girls are able to do as a result of the instruction they’ve received there.
Also, the Talent Sprouts preschool is phenomenal. Both of my daughters have done two years in their Pre-K and I sort of wish I had just one more child solely so I could send another one to Talent Sprouts. When my oldest entered kindergarten, she was way ahead because of these ladies. My youngest starts kindergarten in the fall and she’ll be totally set up for success because of her time at Talent Sprouts. We just absolutely love them.


Cristina Milan

I love Talent Sprouts! Both of my daughters attended this preschool and they loved everything about it. My oldest was very prepared for Kindergarten because of their way of teaching. They encourage learning with music and movement. I really liked that not only were they learning but they also had fun through tumbling and dancing.
The staff are all so warm and friendly as well as patient with each preschooler. My youngest had a hard time going to school at first, but they did such a great job at making her feel comfortable and welcomed.
My youngest is in her final year of preschool and I can honestly say I will miss Talent Sprouts so much!