Talent Sprouts

Educating the Future

Our Preschool Curriculum is structured to facilitate cognitive development and literacy instruction taught through teacher-guided sing-along techniques and cooperative learning activities. Our class sizes are small; Student to teacher ratio is 6:1 during academics allowing for individualized instruction in Math, Science, Art, History, Geography, Literacy, Cutting, Writing, and much more.


At talent sprouts it’s never too early to start learning that books are fun! Your child will become attentive to books, print, study sounds and letters. Advantages to reading in the early childhood development include, Neurological, Educational, Psychological, Social and Linguistics. The world is no further than a book.


Writing and reading are interconnected, so at Talent Sprouts we teach your children how writing works by creating fun experiences that bring writing and reading together. Writing skills is one of the early predictors of successful reading ability as the child gets older.

Sign Language

Sign language is the noblest gift given to deaf people, we take that gift and use it in our development process in three areas: First, practical, less fussing, and more fun. Two, Emotional, this creates a greater bond between the child and the parent, and Three, Cognitive, it stimulates early brain development


Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics, so at talent sprouts, we open the child’s mind to counting, addition, subtraction, sorting patterns, and sequencing skills. All in a fun and exciting way!


Einstein said “You should not teach children sciences but give them a taste for them” The sprout you see in our logo resonates with our love for a living and being. We learn about plants, people, animals, senses, weather, and community. In the end, we give them a “taste for science”.


Confidence and acceptance come from knowing where we are and what’s on this great planet. We use creative, fun activities to bring the world to the children. Participation in our beautiful, creative world at an early child development creates greater love for our planet and acceptance of others.