Visual Arts


We allow the kids to express their talent and creativity without any limitations. Kids have boundless energy and when channelized in a positive direction, it can prove to be highly advantageous for their cognitive as well as motor skills development. While playing with colors, they start sharing their inner thoughts is a process that is simply amazing to witness.


We allow positive progression of the kids. Helping them to learn drawing enable them to show their creativity. Drawing can become an enrichment program with limitless possibilities. It has been found that kids are able to enjoy amazing benefits from this seemingly simple activity. The age band of 3-5 years is the best growing time for any kid and learning new skills can ensure all round development in them.


We place a lot of trust in hands-on learning. In simple words, we encourage children to learn as they play. This is a time tested way to bring out the best in the kids. It is surprising to see how fast kids grasp a concept and imbibe in their learning process. The kids are given a conducive environment to learn, develop, progress and flourish while playing a variety of games.

2 & 3 Dimensional

We focus a lot on 2 and 3 Dimensional learning as this is the faster way to learn and its impact stays in the young minds for a longer time. It has been seen that by using this approach, the kids can understand the complicated concepts of Math in a simple manner. The understanding is clear and the impact of the same is long lasting.